Thursday, June 16, 2005

Studio 804 is a design/build program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Design that provides a broad range of architectural services, typically resulting in a new residence. This studio is the final experience for 3rd year graduate students seeking a professional masters degree, although on occasion it does include graduating bachelors of Architecture students. During this final exercise, the students collaborate to bring a housing design to fruition that provides architectural solutions with an emphasis on affordable homes.

Studio 804 provides an architectural opportunity exploring concepts and issues that as professionals we will be facing in the immediate future. The primary focus of this exploration imbues the educational experience as a means to provide affordable housing opportunities within the Lawrence and surrounding communities, while challenging the status quo of architecture.

The typical house construction period is compressed into a five month session that sees the students covering every aspect of a Design/Build practice. With the exception of the licensed trades (electric, plumbing and heating/air conditioning), every aspect of design and construction is carried out by the students. The result of this intense 5 month period provides the community with an affordable house while furthering the students’ knowledge and experience in applicable professional architectural and building practices.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

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DBKC speaks to another sold out crowd at the AIA National Convention.

The 2006 Design Build Studio Award

The Design Build Studio Award for Excellence in Architectural Education is awarded to an individual or school, who has shown exemplary vision in incorporating design build into American architectural education.


Any colleague, student, or former student may nominate candidates for the Design Build Studio Award.


• The candidate shall have evidenced great depth and success with student projects.
• The candidate shall have evidenced great breadth, having incorporating Design Build in creative ways.
• The candidate shall be a person whose activities have consistently directed themselves toward the future as well as the past.
• The candidate shall have evidenced the ability to transcend specific areas of expertise or shall have made connections between areas.


All exhibits must be submitted in an AIA uniform binder, obtained by contacting the AIA DBKC, (202) 626-7300 or

Each submission shall contain the following information:

• A nomination letter by the sponsor not to exceed one page
• A biography of the candidate not to exceed two pages
• A statement of contributions not to exceed four pages
• A roster of distinguished students
• Supporting material (e.g., clippings, articles, etc.) relating to the purpose of the award not to exceed ten pages
• A maximum of 5 letters of support by those who know the quality of the nominee's products--by those who also taught, by those who practiced architecture, and by those who perhaps did neither; letters should be explicit in their recommendation and contain specific reasons for support. Letters must not exceed one page.

Year Awarded: 2006
Submission Deadline: February 15, 2006
Award Category: DesignBuild Education
Award amount: $4,000 to be awarded at the AIA National Los Angeles Convention


1735 New York Avenue
Washington DC

Sponsoring Organization:
American Institute of Architects
Design Build Knowledge Community

San Juan Puerto Rico

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The Design Build Knowledge Community advisory group recently spoke at the AIA Puerto Rico meeting to a sold out house.

Advisory Group

Design-Build Advisory Group 2005

Dorwin A. J. Thomas, AIA, DBIA
Dorwin Thomas Architect
Fort Myers, Fla.

Benjamin K. Wilking, AIA
Vice Chair
Lantz-Boggio Architects
Englewood, Colo.

William Quatman, Esq., FAIA
Shugart Thompson & Kilroy
Kansas City, Mo.

William J. Carpenter, FAIA PhD
Decatur, Ga.

Martin E. Sell, AIA
Juneau, Wis.

Randy Dhar, FRAIC, Assoc. AIA
Advisor Emeritus
Public Works and Services Canada
Toronto, Ontario

Design Build Studio terms defined


civic engagement:
social and educational exchange between members of society

Charrette: an intense and concentrated collaborative design session utilising community input to define the goals of a community design project

community: a group of people who are socially interdependent, who participate together in discussion and decision-making, and who share certain practices that define the community

community design centre (CDC):
a non-profit organisation that enables communities to increase their influence, control, ownership and management of community design and development activities.

design-build (DB):
There are two distinct definitions for design-build, one in Practice and one in Academia. It is important to differentiate between the two:

DB in Architectural Education is defined as the interrelation of conceptual ideas with project fabrication assembly. During this process, ideas are revealed through the process of making. DB is sometimes performed through team efforts or individual exploration depending on the lead professor’s project interest and learning objectives.

DB in Architectural Practice is defined as a contractual relationship between an owner and an entity that offers both design and construction services, which often saves the owner money and produces completed buildings at a faster pace than the typical architect/contractor paradigm.

design-build studio (DBS):
A university course in which students build selected designs, typically for a community. Collaboration, conflict resolution, finance management and communication with clients are common and necessary elements of these courses. (Emerged in North America in the 1970s and are presently active)

live project (LP):
A university course that incorporates actual practice-based methods into an educational environment for clear learning outcomes. (Prevalent in Great Britain in the 1960s and 70s)

service: an act of benefit to society or a specific community

service learning:
courses and studios that provide an enriched educational experience for students through community-based projects